Audio Examples of what people brought to us and what we did

RAP -Game on Lock -Original Example

This is the original track brought to the studio -Finished Version is Below

RAP-Game On Lock -Final Example

This is a example of the Finished Track recorded with all Real Instruments.

Jazz -Killing Me Softly -Original Track

This was the track that the artist was using

Jazz -Killing Me Softly -Finish Version

Artist wanted a more jazzy version, so that 's what we delivered. We played Sax, Bass Guitar and Rhythm Guitar.

Gospel -I Wanna Live My Life For Christ -Original

Th is the original track

Gospel -I Wanna Live My Life For Christ - Finished Version

This is the finished version of the song with all Real Instruments.

Hip Hop -Oh How I Love Thee - Original Mix

This is the original Mix of the song.

Hip Hop -Oh How I Love Thee - Virtual Adrenaline Mix

This song was Mixed the was we thought it should be. See if you like the difference.

Indie Rock -Little Miss Perfect -Original Track

This is the original mix the artist was performing with.

Indie Rock -Little Miss Perfect - Finished Track

This is the final version of the song. We played all Real Instruments to make this come alive.

Gospel -Sacrifice Of Praise -Original Track

Here is the original Track.

Gospel -Sacrifice Of Praise -Finished Track

The Finished Track

Southern Rock -Something Is Missing -Original

This example is more direction form the producers

Southern Rock - Something Missing - Finished Version

This after the producers gave their input. We added Sax & Hammond B3 Organ

Pop - All In My Head - Original Track

Adding vocal to the original track

Pop - All In My Head - Finished

We took the original track and added Bass & Guitar to give more life to the track